Welcome to Brockville School and Te Rei O Whakarri


Kia Ora, Talofa lava, greetings

Welcome to Brockville Full Primary School and Te Rei O Whakarri. We are a community school that is focused on ensuring our students 'discover a life of learning" and can be the best that they possibly can be.

Our values at Brockville School are: 

We have a passionate, skilled and talented teaching team and offer a range of comprehensive teaching and learning programmes to meet the needs of all children. We value academic success for all of our students and resource the school to achieve this.

We take pride in our diversity and work hard to ensure we are inclusive and aware of how all our children learn and live. We meet weekly to celebrate learning, sporting and cultural achievements as well as sharing these in a family assembly.

Te Rei O Whakarri is our bilingual class, it  is Level 2 Maori Immersion and provides a nurturing whanau based approach to learning. Our tamariki in the class are taught in Te Reo between 51% to 80% of the time and tikanga Māori is practiced and observed.

We work closely with our local and wider community and are focused on providing seamless transitions through our "bright start" programmes for 4 year olds and for our Year 8 leaders moving onto higher learning.

If you would like your child to be part of our Brockville family please do not hesitate to visit us or call to make an appointment, we would love to show you around our school.

263 Brockville Road
Ph: 476 3717

Discover a life of learning

Tania McDonald
Acting Principal
Brockville Full Primary School 

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